The Tamara
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One of the beautiful districts in the state of Karnataka; Kodagu covers a total area of 4102 Sq. Km. Extending from 75° 22’ E - 76° 11’ E longitude to 11° 56’ N - 12° 56’ N latitude; Kodagu or commonly called Coorg has an annual rainfall close to 1500- 3800 mm depending on the region. Almost the whole of the Kodagu district comes under the Western Ghats, which is one of the 34 environmentally undisturbed eco systems of the world, harboring a rich biodiversity in its flora & fauna. A typical feature of the sloping Western Ghats are the isolated ever green or shola forests nestled between the folds of the mountain ranges, amidst of these ranges lies the unique ‘The Tamara Coorg’ at an elevation of 3600- 3700 ft. surrounded by the Western Ghats ranges.


There are two [2] trekking trails leading towards these ranges viz. as follows


PATHI POLE FALLS (Trail # 1 : Approximate duration of this trek is 4.5 Hrs)
Amidst the valley raises the shola forest from where the Pathi Pole Falls emerges. It is a great sight from the boulder resting areas. This 5.5 Km of trail takes you through breath taking slopes and valleys with lush greenery. One will have a wonderful sight atop the falls. Duration of this trek is approximately 4.5 Hrs. with three breaks.

BALLYAATRE RIDGE (Trail # 2 : Approximate duration of this trek is 5.5 Hrs)
This unique trail takes you through the lengthy ride over the ridge line. One can have a great view of the skyline of Coorg and the back drop view of the highest mountain of Coorg called the Thadianda Mol at 1750 meters above sea level. The duration of this trek is around 5.5 Hrs. with three rest breaks.